Badge Holders

Badge Holders


A wide selection of high quality badge holders customizable for branding purposes, and simple to attach to the user to keep an ID card within reach for scanning at all times.

ID Badge Card Holders

All ID provides ID badge card holders easy to carry and protect photo IDs inside a clear vinyl or plastic protective material. Our ID badge holders are designed for daily use at universities, government buildings, hospitals, law enforcement, and other work environments where employees are required to swipe or draw photo ID cards for security purposes. At All ID, we understand badge holders are an important part of any security plan and maintain a management system.

The ID badge holders we provide are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, colors, and brands to make it easy to find a badge holder to fit personal preferences. Our high quality ID badge card holders can reduce the daily wear and tear while providing security against counterfeiting and stealing. We provide secure ID badge holders designed to increase security precautions and keep employees safe.

ID Badge Accessories

All ID is pleased to offer a variety of ID badge accessories including, but not limited to, lanyards, retractable reels, badge holders, and strap clips. Our ID badge accessories are made of durable and reliable material designed to enhance the security of ID cards. With a customizable assortment of lanyards, and ID badge reels, All ID is among the top providers of ID badge holders and accessories.

Our badge holders and badge accessories are thin, lightweight, and are made of exceptionally durable material. The identification badge holder accessories we offer are simple, stylish, and professional. The unique lanyards and strap clips All ID provides are also used to carry items such as pens, glasses, and cell phones, which can extend the company branding and personalize the user to your organization.

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