ID Badge Reels

ID Badge Reels


All ID provides professional ID badge reels designed to keep your ID card, keys, and other essential items safe and secure.

ID Card Reels

ID card reels and retractable badge reels are available with a belt clip attachment on the back making it convenient to attach to lanyards or belt clips. Our ID card reels are widely used by companies and organizations including, but not limited to, government workers, airports, libraries, hospitals, trade shows, and other work environments where employees are required to swipe or draw photo ID cards for security purposes. 

ID card reels are equipped with durable retractable cords, making it easy to access the ID card or ID badges frequently without it becoming a hassle. The retractable badge reels consist of a round or square reel, with a variety in lengths of cord or wire available. The All ID badge reels are usually clipped to pockets for a secure connection. This reduces the chances of misplacing ID badges or ID cards and will increase safety and efficiency for ID card users. 

Retractable ID cards are useful to store ID cards, badges, keys, tools, and other similar items. At All ID, we understand teams who need to work in environments that require gloves to be worn, retractable ID cards are an exceptional option because they prevent dropping ID cards and other items. Our retractable ID card reels are designed to be readily accessible, yet out of the way so they do not interfere with worker safety. 

All ID offers high performance ID badge reels and ID card reels, as well as options to customize the badge reels to fit personal preference. Our large selection of retractable badge reels allows you to personalize badge accessories that can help promote your company and enhance your brand image. If there are any questions about our retractable badge reels, please contact our badge reel experts and we will respond in a timely manner. 


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