Fargo ID Card Printers


The Fargo printers come in line with the PVC Identity card printers that are made by HID®, the respected name in identification & security industries. The Fargo ID card printers generally range from the entry-level and high-end, with many different choices available at every level.

The Fargo printers are used widely: many government offices, corporations and universities use Fargo ID printers in the card printing offices. The Fargo printers are the best solutions to print driver's licenses, government ID credentials, student ID cards, membership cards and lots more.

ALL ID SYSTEMS is proud to provide many printers from Fargo line. Whereas capabilities differ from one model to another, every Fargo printer provides the best image quality, the machine durability and manufacturer warranty of protecting against any breakdowns.

We provide many Fargo printer supplies, which includes printer ribbons, cleaning kits and laminate ribbons. The Fargo ID Printers are simple-to-use, reliable and versatile solutions to print the professional ID Cards in demand.

Features of Fargo ID Card Printers

Fargo ID printers are made to issue the best-quality of badges every time. Before selecting the printer, you can consider all these differences between the Fargo ID printers:

  1. Direct-to-card ID printing and retransfer: Fargo provides direct-to-card ID printers however for over an edge printing, the retransfer card printers are available. The retransfer Fargo card printers offer the unmatched print quality, on the uneven surfaces (smart cards, proximity cards, and pre-punched cards).
  2. USB and Ethernet: The Fargo card printers generally come with the USB connection; however if the printer is on the network, do not forget to choose the printer with the Ethernet connectivity.
  3. Windows and Mac: Ensure that printer you choose is totally compatible with the operating system, which you use, particularly if you are making use of Mac.
  4. Basic and encoding options: Suppose you want to print or encode data on the magnetic and smart cards, go for the card printer with the right encoder. Fargo ID printers provide the optional encoding abilities.
  5. Single and dual-sided of lamination: Some of the Fargo ID printers provide single and dual-sided of lamination modules.
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