Pointman Metallic Gold Monochrome Ribbon 1000 prints 900-66200170-104

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The Pointman Metallic Gold Monochrome Ribbon 1000 prints 900-66200170-104 was developed by Pointman. Pointman specalizes in developing premium products. All ID Focuse on sourcing the most reliable products. This product was sourced by All ID because it is one of the top rated products developed by Pointman.

Ribbons & Supplies You Can Count On.

Pointman's supplies assures a quality output according to the product's specifications. Your product will produce outstanding images, texts and barcodes card after card. Pointman's quality PVC plastic cards will enhance the print quality and image for vivid colors and readable barcodes. Pointman guarantees its PVC and composite PVC cards to be ISO compliant and dust-free with smooth edges or your money back.

Pointman media supplies meets stringent quality standards that are recommended for optimal printing quality and proper printer performance. The ribbons are easy to install and it comes equipped with an RFID chip to let you know when it is time for replacement. They are also engineered to be eco-friendly with less plastic to reduce environmental impact.

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